About Me

I am an aspiring software developer. I have been writing code since high school, and went to University of California, Santa Cruz for my Bachelors in Computer Science. There I learned a variety of topics and skills, including Android development, web development, algorithms, databases, artificial intelligence, and software engineering. I am the kind of developer that enjoys building and creating things.

Current Projects

Studio Xehryn

2014 - Present
Independent Game Development Studio

All of my games are released under Studio Xehryn. Here, devblogs, free art assets, and music can be found as well.


These are projects I've worked on in the past. Most of them have source code available for viewing on GitHub as well.

Gate of Providence

August 2014 - November 2017
Turn-Based 2D Role-Playing Game

Created using the RPG Maker VX Ace Engine with a team of four, with over 4300 hours of development time. The game itself contains over 15 hours of playable content. You can find more details on this game here. The game has been viewed 23000+ times and downloaded 1000+ times. I was the Lead Developer and Director (and all sorts of other things as well) for this project.

Dreamshot Dissonance

April 2014 - June 2014
2D Shoot 'em Up / Bullet Hell Game

Created using GameMaker: Studio. The game was chosen as an honorable mention in the finalist selection for the class it was made in. More details on this game can be found here. I was the lead designer and artist for this game, as well as the composer for some of the soundtrack.


October 2016 - December 2016
Android Application - Health / Fitness

This Android app helps track calories / macronutrients and workouts. Includes a barcode scanner for easier food data entry. I was a Scrum Master and front-end developer for the Exercise portion of the application. The general design and structure of the application was also created by me.

Game Day

November 2016 - December 2016
Web Application - Gaming News and Calendar Aggregate

This web application tracks release dates of upcoming video games (acquired from the IGDB API) and displays them in a calendar for ease of access. Each game also has a page in which users can have discussions and "like" a game. Users can even private message each other. The front page of the webapp also shows news in gaming. I was a front-end developer for this project.


March 2016 - March 2016
Android Application - Notification / Discovery Service of Anime

This Android app gathers the airing times/dates of Japanese animated TV shows (known as Anime) and provides a method of keeping track of them via the Android Calendar. Notifications are pushed to the user from 5 minutes to 6 hours before a show's airing time. Users can learn more about a certain show via information from MyAnimeList. I was a front-end developer for this project. I worked on the design/layout of the application as well as image/data scraping.

Game Engine for Text Adventure games

This is a game engine/interpreter written from scratch in both Haskell and Java. It allows for the easy creation of text adventure games, simply by editing a text file. I worked on the Haskell program, as well as the overall design and structure of the program(s).


January 2016 - January 2016
Service - Volunteer-Needy Matchmaking

Service/Website made during HackUCSC 2016. The service takes volunteers who register from the website and pairs them up with the needy who register via SMS. The volunteer will receive the necessary information to help the matched person-in-need. I wrote the matching algorithm, and helped with the database and website.

Skills & Proficiency



Android SDK